19 July 2016

with Dick


After showing Dick that I was doing some real-life animations with the hairdryer, Dick suggested to make some story boards on how to use animations instead of learning After Effects and spending all my time there (counterproductive). One sample animation would be nice, though.
Dick mentioned to not play with the bricks alone – rather they should link to what it is actually about: food.
The best aspects about cooking might be that you can be enthusiastic about it. It’s fun. And the most important thing is the social aspect. Dinner time with friends and family. Cooking and dining as social activities.
Don’t forget to mention After Effects in my learning outcomes.
Dick pointed out that he really likes the design concept of mix as it is minimalistic, yet strong and charming. Also cultural aspects such as diversity are reflected in the design. The fact that the typography on the first page is flipped is nice and innovative and makes optimal use of the screen’s space.
The challenge would be to provide useful information and the practical features of the app, nicely packaged and easily usable for the user.