Now that the content of the app is ready, it was most important for me to get user feedback. The interface should work properly and the best thing to find out is TESTING.


Martina (30):
Martina highly struggled with the whole interface. Already in the introduction slides it was unclear to her if the DNA kit is something physical which gets delivered to her door. She also didn’t get that the “Add Food” Function for the statistics would ask you to make photos of your food so you can have an overview and know about your nutritional values in the statistics. Switching between the modes and also the whole idea of the social media channel was a problem for her in particular. The personal zone was more clear to her.
Martina is not actively using social media (sometimes facebook). All in all she describes herself as a not-handy-person and hardly uses apps.


Lisa (23):
Lisa immediately understood the interface and felt quite confident with navigating through the app. She once forgot how to switch between the zones. After that one time she became quite routined and quick with this too. The social media zone and cooking mode was totally clear to her. She thought it would be confusing to always use the same food icons though, as you have the feeling you’ve been on that page before – even if you haven’t. Therefore, she suggested to change the food represantative icons (feed)  in each site.
She also mentioned that if I plan to send people a DNA kit – she would ask for their address. Otherwise it doesn’t feel as if something comes to you in a postal way. Furthermore, she mentioned that the icon of a wooden spoon for the recipe generating tool could be replaced by sth. that brings out more the idea of mixing (a whisk probably).
She also was not too sure about the heart icon I used for likes. She mentioned that it would be helpful to use this really standard heart shape all other common social media channels use – so it would be not confusing for the user. There is a lot of new stuff going on on this app, so she would recommend to use standardized icons wherever possible.
When asking her if I should make an accompanying image video, she suggested to rather use some explanatory video instead as I should take every chance to make it easier for the user and submission. Lisa’s feedback was a great help.
She describes herself as quite active social media user (Instagram, Facebook) but not really excited about using a lot of apps.


MJ (29):
– 2 fingers using to change zone might be confusing
– bar charts work nicely
– especially social media interface works clearly
– rather use a person for showing the profile in both zones
it is easier to understand that it’s your profile
– cook it button bigger
– the + and the – button in the cooking mode should be visualized (activated)
– MIX logo (1st page) looks different and more technical than the rest of the app
– the step by step function might be useless
– illustration style is good

MJ is a quite active social media and app user and she easily navigated and operated with the app.

Fekry (23):
– rethink the use of shadows
– he especially likes the shifted “next” buttons
– he helped a lot with texting the intro-slides
– enlarge the smallest to typefaces
– search boxes and all other types of boxes could use filled colour instead of outlines to have a  consistent style within the whole app

All in all, Fekry navigated quickly and quite cleverly through the app. It felt like he could operate well with the interface. Fekry uses no form of social media, apps or smartphones.


Simon (?)
– the arrow button should be changed to the symbol it navigates you towards
– he also mentioned he is confused that there is no profile icon. There should be one rather than the heart
– Cooking mode: does it scroll because the arrow points down? Better use buttons like before
– Label the page where you can post a recipe
– the entry illus could be unclear    | YOU zone    ||||| FRIENDS zone
– Rethink the icon that is used for “add food”
– Illustration style is good

Simon uses Social Media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. He navigated quite easily.


Fabian (25):
– the intro has a good lengths
– it is good that the pages that require scrolling are visualized by cutting off the text (understandable)
– no one clicks on the cooking mode -> make it cook it button bigger
– design is nice and friendly
– cooking button infobox should say “to get cooking”
– Better make slides than to click “Next” in the cooking mode

– animate the chefs (fade out or grow the chefs hat, …)
– could it be for multiple users?
– instead of animating the sticks, I could also cut them out of paper and film them in slo-mo
– for the profile picture there could be also a viking, cat, dog, cookie, … for all kind of people to identify with
– colours should be more neutral. it looks quite female
– type in statistics section is too small
– incorporate voice navigation
– add a shopping list (so when there is a meal you want to cook, you can automatically see what you need to buy and what you already have.
– the mix logo on the app icon is hardly recognizable
– real food photos would be good

Juli (19)
– illustration of chef is engaging
– intro has a good lengths and explains nicely
– engaging design
– avocado and beetroots are not aligned
– makes hungry
– interface was easily understandable for her

Armin (19)
– DNA kit is not perfectly understandable yet
– the pizza with green dots looks moldy
– settings button besides profile of social media
– in the connections section the menu bar is wrong aligned
– interface is easily understandable