11. July

with David and Margot


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Social Focus:
Think about the idea of eating and food as a social thing – like food sharing or cooking with friends. The focus could be even more on social, like there it is already done with the social media part.

The graphic is nice so far but also consider that food is visually stimulating. Image recognition will work because there is already something like image recognition.
Would be interesting if the app knows always what you have in stock and if you can also bring it when groceries shopping.

Visual Language:
The logo and branding could be  a metaphor for mixing up. Similar to the Channel 4 branding.

Visual Language:
There could be some animation in after effects done to play with the sticks of the logo. It is way better than I showed Margot the last time. It could be some even more playful approach with it and animations would support this. David agreed.
Also the style language could be integrated more in the interface itself. For instance if you go from one page to the next, there could be some sticks and the visual language playfully fill up the page.