Tutorial 5.7.16

with Dick.


In this tutorial I presented the name MIX with it’s accompanying new design concept and first visuals to show it’s potential and versatility.


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Dick mentioned that he likes the word MIX as well as it’s design made by 7 bricks. He said the colourful playful approach is perfectly linked to cooking. I also showed the visuals that showed some kind of advertising banners. In particular he liked the link to music as there is a connection between cooking and music as they are both sensual activities and about compositions and ensembles.

A really helpful point that Dick made, was that the concept of MIX can be visualized by constructing and deconstructing the bricks. As a reference and source of inspiration he mentioned channel 4. For their branding they use 3-dimensional bricks that move around. Their used typefaces Horseferry and Chadwick are created by no other than Neville Brody himself (Creative Review, 2016). A great source of inspiration!

Another focus of the talk was about the presentation next week where I should focus on less text on my presentation slides. Good legibility should be ensured.


Playing with Construction + Deconstruction
Channel 4 Branding


Fig. 3

Fig. 1
Fig. 2



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Visual References:
Fig. 1-2: Jason Drew (2016) Channel 4. Available at: http://www.jasondrew.co.uk/channel-4/ (Accessed: 5 July 2016).

Fig. 3: 디자인정글 TV (2016) Channel 4 Rebrand. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd4z7LGa3xU (Accessed: 5 July 2016).