When thinking about the MIX thing – it is probably the main function of the app that people can find recipes according to what the LIKE and HAVE. It is a mix of two components.

The part that I was most struggling with so far was, that my app becomes overcomplex with too many functions and two big parts: Social media + Recipe suggestion
Also the complexity of the app that should be communicated in the most simple way is kind of a mix of two components.

To solve this overlapping of Social media + Recipe suggestion, I aim to hop on the concept of this mix and clearly distinguish between these two: Two areas in the app

To make this app successful I have to manage a few tasks:

– self explanatory app with easy usable interface
– pack functions in the app with adding depth; the key to succeed here I guess is interlacing or better said to work in more levels. While the first level should just show the basic and necessary functions, additional features can be added in this next level
– for the very first time I feel like designing to make it “look nice” is not relevant. Absolutely key will be to create a design that helps to bring clarity and orientation in the app
– for the app design I have limited means: structure and design. This is all I got. If the app is complicated, unclear and confuses the user I will have failed my mission.
If I manage to succeed in guiding the user round nicely and to bring excitement to the app as well as clearly communciate to the user why he is better of with my app than with other recipe apps – then I will succeed. Therefore, I will need to use design to help bring clarity and guidance as well as a positive, appetising and innovative feeling to the user rather than to waste it for decorations.