After discussing the name issue with Margot I did again some research, discussed with my peers and tiled the floor over my whole room with notes and starting points that could help me find a new name.

For further starting points and new thoughts I asked people to write down a word they connect with cooking. Some of them were truly helpful.

My favourite words:
• Mom       • Cake
• Spoon     • Share
• Celery     • Fish

New Name Attempts:
• Spoonful            • Pinch
• Fish & Celery     • Mom
Kale & Cake

Mom sounded too old fashioned as it is the typical role of a mom to cook. It should also be more about to cook yourself rather than someone else cooking for you. However, I really liked the short and catchy term. Was really good to do the target market analysis first.

So I chose Kale & Cake instead. Kale should be representative for green, organic, superfoods and it necessarily needs to be cooked. Cake, on the other hand, should be representative for baking, unhealthy food and sweets. You can find all on it on the app.
The name should reflect a new concept: Uncommon and new food or flavor combinations as well experimental recipes. Those can be found most likely anywhere around the world as everyone reinterprets or invents recipes. This is the fun part in kitchens.
While I’ve firstly summarized the characteristics and concept, I also wrote down that Kale & Cake is a combination that seems like an uncommon, unknown mix.

As soon as I wrote down the word MIX it occured to me that the the concept of Kale & Cake was actually MIX. So why making it complicated and use Kale & Cake if mix is the matching term for that.

This time I really felt confident about the name contrarily to (Tempt it, Mom, Kale & Cake). This was the word for a good concept.