New Name brings New Concept 

Etymology of Mix 
composed of more than one element (Etymonline, 2016)
– cooking is making an ensemble of flavours
to bring together, to join (Etymonline, 2016)
– Bring together family or friends with cooked food
– Gathering round the table
– Eating as a social activity

Experimenting in Kitchen 
– Experimental cooking brings out unique and new recipes – they are the perfect content to be shared on Mix app.
– Also other people’s unique recipes can be found on the app
– When cooking recipes that are already existing, usually people tend to mix in other ingredients, or vary in quantity, skip some ingredients and reinterpret the recipe so it matches to either what food they have in stock or what they like or dislike
– People’s recipes are as unique as their personal taste profiles
– When recipes are taken from family members or delivered by mums, grandmas, … they will slightly change as well as times also change

Jamie Oliver’s success recipe? 
– This could be Jamie’s secret ingredient for success. He doesn’t ask people to cook exactly the same as he does. He suggests variations and creates cooking as a really sensual, fun, not too strict and experimental act. He is more like “add a handful of flour” rather than “add 20g of flour”.

– Mixing and combining all 5 senses
– Mixing flavours
– Cooking is to mixing foods

to mix
– term used in kitchen
– logical connection to food
– to blend / bring together
– kitchen utensil
– when I was questioning people about the 1st word that comes to their mind when they think about food some of them mentioned kitchen utensils

Function of App 
Combining (mixing) what you
have + like = suggested recipes
(Dna Test + Fridge Scan)

Human Diversity 
– global app
– social media function
– no hierarchy in app (everyone is treated the same and same prerequisites)
– the word is understood in numerous languages

Word sound
– The term sounds accurate in times of diversity and being unique (future)
– simple word for helping to simplify my complex app
– futuristic rather than old fashioned

Etymonline (2016) Mix. Available at: (Accessed: 28 June 2016).