What are my goals?  
– to encourage people to value cooking as a multi-sensual, stress reliefing activity that incorporates a lot of health benefits and to enjoy dinner as a social activity within a family
– aims to counteract the ongoing decrease in cooking (especially in future times)
– excite people to share valuable content online
– communicate and spread bits of tradition and culture via delightful, sensual means
– connect people who have passion for food, taste, flavour and it’s preparation
– create an all-rounder cooking app (nutrition, communication, sharing, dynamic, calorie count, individual personality check, recipes, instructions, inspiration)
– alternative and replacement of too many and too chaotic recipe apps with shallow functions and content and complicated interfaces

Transparent: no mysteries with food
Authentic: authentic, local recipes posted by real users around the world
Appetising: design should support aim
Innvoative / futuristic: Even when it feels futuristic now, when the app would be released it would be time accurate rather than futuristic. Still, it should be the first app to incorporate futuristic functions like holograms, scent, etc. which makes it very innovative and slightly futuristic even then
Complex, yet simple: Lots of functions and broad range of usability that should be packed in a simple, comprehensible and user friendly interface that works self explanatory. To fulfill this task would probably work best when there is a lot of depths added to the basic functions/interface.
Down-to-earth: There shouldn’t be a hierarchy where top cooking chefs, or experienced down-to-earth chefs like Jamie Oliver provide tips and tricks to tell you how to cook. There should be no lecturing from a top-position (as long as it does not establish itself via the app). Everyone has to build his way up from the very bottom with his own success recipe.
It should be a big community of very mixed people. Basic cookers can learn from better cookers. Some people will be quietly in the background browsing through recipes and giving a like here and there while others will establish to top-followed and lots of recipe sharing app-internal superstars.