Tutorial 27.6.16

with Margot.


I used this session with Margot to get some help with the naming of my project, in particular.
Furthermore, I wanted to get some infos about how to best present an app, and to ask if Margot would have some tipps or experience in app design or if she could provide any helpful sources or inspiration for great app designs or presentation.



    She told me that there are already fridges with an integrated screen so it know about your food stock.
    Me: I actually thought about inventing/designing a fridge device that you can put in your fridge and as it will be linked to an accompanying app it could automatically update your food content. Due to the fact that my app will be designed for the future I think it is more plausible if the app is clever enough to calculate the difference each time you scan your fridge – so I will focus on the app rather than additional devices.
  • Cooking level
    Margot mentioned that she would not provide the cooking instructions step by step. She always likes to read a recipe in whole – so do I.
    She would rather suggest that when you are setting up your profile, you can tell which cooking level you are in. (My thought: Maybe if you don’t know your cooking level then you can make  a short test to be categorized). Depending on this category, you will get either step by step instructions, or more general instructions. E.g.:

    Level 1 (Starter):
    1. Put 3l of water in a pot and heat the stove.
    2. Salt it
    3. Bring it to boiling temperature which you see as soon as bubbles occur.
    4. Put in the noodles
    5. Cook 4-5 minutes

    Level 2 (Medium):
    1. Put water in a pot, salt it and bring it to boil.
    2. As soon as it boils, add the noodles.
    3. Cook the noodles 4-5 minutes

    Level 3 (Chef cook):
    1. Cook the noodles in salted water.

    I love that idea and will definitely implement it.

  • White typeface:
    Margot also mentioned to be careful with the use of a white typeface:
    – there has to be good contrast to make it good in legibility
    – when using white type on black, it seems smaller and needs to be enlarged
  • Phone off the edge:
    I showed Margot a picture of a phone where the screen runs off the edge. She liked it and said it would support the futuristic feeling that I want to convey. She would definitely give it a go (Fig. 1)

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-27 um 15.51.35
    Fig. 1
  • Presentation:
    In terms of presenting the app in the very end, she said it could be helpful for me to present it like this (Fig. 2) to explain it’s functions. And to present it like this (Fig. 3) to show the finished app with the design.

    For the presentation she also mentioned that it could look cool to present it like (Fig. 3) but instead of using the plants I could just go for almonds or other foods.

    She also said it would be cool if I could incorporate a video but it could be really time consuming for me.

    Margot mentioned that she actually doesn’t mind the name “Tempt it”. The longer we talked about it, the more she also seemed to get the feeling that there could be a better and more accurate term than Tempt it. Her help to give me new bits of thought for the naming part was really really great!

    Tempt it: It’s not wrong but there could be something better. Tempt it could link too much to a dating app or a sexual feel in combination with the lips shape.

    Youm:  –  Might sound a little too Thai or Asian
    – Also it is not only about you, but also cooking or dining  as a social activity

    New thoughts:
    Bring people together with cooking and dining
    Family and Friends
    Share – combines that you share food with others and your recipes with the world
    Everyday life 
    Cook it
    Transparency: everything that is mysterious is very bad in terms of food. Noone likes mysterious ingredients or methods – the better you know about what is in your food, who makes your food and where it comes from – the better it is.
    • Food intolerances: this is linked to the previous point. The more transparent, the better.

    Probably the most helpful tip from this session was to tell me again that in order to find a name, it is crucial to know about the target. So I should really find out about them. She said she feels that it could be applicable specifically for a young and active target.

    To help me find a name she encouraged me to do a QUICK survey. Margot thinks surveys can be really time consuming with little results (compared to professional surveys). So she suggested to just ask some people about the first word that comes to their mind when they think about cooking. I love that idea.


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Fig. 2-3: Pinterest (2016) Inspiration Project. Available at: https://uk.pinterest.com/magdalenahuber1/inspiration-project/ (Accessed: 27 June 2016).