Tutorial 21.6.16


Presentation Slides to show and talk about my idea:

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Feedback Dick:

Food Quality Scanner:
Dick was thinking about if it would be beneficial for my app to also include a scanner for food, that knows about the quality. So you could scan an orange when going shopping or being on a market, and the app can find out how old the orange is and if it is good quality. For instance, tomatoes can look tasty and red from outside but are tasting badly.

+ The app could automatically check the food and label the food in good, medium and bad for instance. Would be a nice additional feature.

– Maybe it’s just an additional feature that makes it over complex. Too many functions could get complicated.
– It moves away to far future as a food recognizer that scans the food and knows it’s quality is something that is not planned or developed in the near future as it looks like.


He also mentioned that the name “Tempt it” is not particularly good. It is gimmick and draws on people’s attention but doesn’t have a good reason to do so.
It should be a little more cautions. Craving is also the wrong word as it is too strong.

I think he is right and it really could need a better name. I was not too confident and sure about it anyways. However, it functioned as a starting point and I can build on it.


The project is developing well. I think Dick can see that I have fun working on it.