At this stage, I tried to work out different design concepts for my app. Even if the name or the concept could change during the next weeks, I feel like I should start with a concept. This would enable me to ‘Explore through making’ rather than just having a theoretical approach. Out of this first attempts, the final Concept should emerge later.

However, after the third design concept (which I mentioned in my last post) I felt quite stuck. None of them seemed to work and I felt desperate.
Self directed interim crit:
Therefore, I invited over some of my peers to start our “SELF DIRECTED INTERIM CRIT”. All of us prepared a little summary/presentation of the current status. Each of us felt stuck or experienced problems at any point during the process so far. Together, we discussed our projects and looked together for inspirations, gave each other feedback and tried to find solutions for all the problems.

The evening was highly productive and time passed extremely quickly. In the end, I had a whole list of “What to do next” and they helped to solve some of my problems.
Apparently, one of my design concepts had potential and they felt like I discarded it too early, instead of being more  flexible in colours, type and some details.
While discussing, I could see their point of view. They suggested to reconsider the colour and type choice. After trying to fix it in less than  2 min. it already looked way better than befor.