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Fig. 1: Email from Linda

As I’ve never done a professional or successful app, it is important for me to know what to do.

– how to present
– how to get it on my phone
– will a app prototyping software work for my project?
– working on small screen (scale)
– testing phase seems crucial

Luckily, I remembered that Linda sent us an email a while ago that incorporated exactly the information and answers for those questions. The 40 page pdf will be my reading stuff for tonight. Good night ūüôā

Good morning again.
Even if I am not in the stage of creating and building the app now, it was still good to know what I should consider. Therefore, the “Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook 3” Guide form ustwo that Linda sent to us was incredibly helpful to read through. By now, I am quite motivated to set up the content and¬†to start designing in order to make my app soon.

Most useful pages:

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Fig. 2



Fig. 1: Huber, M. (2015) Email Conversation with Linda Byrne, 30 November.

Fig. 2: Ustwo (2016) Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook 3. Available at: (Accessed: 8 June 2016)