The name that I am planning to label my app with is “Tempt it”.

I won’t communicate directly to say people they should cook it. It is more like a silent and not communicated thread that the communication of the project is based on.
I want to give them a food experience by all senses. They SEE IT and SMELL IT, and they know they will LOVE IT as the dish is selected via their personal food profile. They also know they can MAKE IT – the recipe is based on the fridge content. To have this wonderful smelling dish, they need to cook.

I don‘t give them via a delivery service or ready meal. If they really WANT IT, they better MAKE IT.


This communication tool is similar to Nike’s slogan “Just do it”.
The introduction of the Slogan was a huge success as it brought up the sales numbers after being released. Last year Nike turned a profit of 26 billion dollars.


Fig. 1


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