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Fig. 1


Inspiroma is a device that helps you to choose your meals. Similar to my recipe app, the concept is about helping people to choose what to eat.

How it works:
When you struggle to decide what you want to make, Inspiroma shows you on a little screen a a certain food. As soon as you press the included scent button, it will spreed the smell of that certain dish. This should help you decide what you crave. Another button allows you to print a detailed recipe on a sheet of paper as soon as you decided what to go for.

Critique and personal thoughts:
This invention shows, that there are more designers who think in the same direction and investigate in the same field. It supports my idea and justifies the app I am planning to do.
However, I might think that this is a gadget that will soon loose it’s excitement for the user. By this, I mean that I don’t see the practical sense of it. I think there are two problems involved that keep it from being successful:
1) I don’t know if I would like the recipes on there. The user should be able to navigate, otherwise you have to skip maybe 30 recipes that you wouldn’t like anyways (eg. you don’t eat meat) until you see one that you would like.
2) As soon as you decided for one recipe and you would print it because you liked the smell, there will be a high chance that your fridge does not contain all the needed ingredients. Would you then have to go shopping first?

This seems like a fun toy, but I don’t really see the practical sense here.

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