Tutorial 31.5.16




The idea is brilliant and it’s very good that I am not stuck in a book design anymore. In the beginning, when Andrew saw the last time my project (MPP presentation) he thought I’m quite stuck and narrow focused on making a book. That might have not allowed to keep open for new findings and for new ideas.
Making an app out of this might have more potential and be the right way to do as it resulted from my research.

The app seems to be quite useful – especially the fridge scanner. The implementation of new media and to think about what our phones and our apps will be capable of in the near future seems to be the right approach. For Andrew, it looks like this naturally developed and fits to the project, rather than forcing oneself to implement new technology without thinking about the project.

Still, he is not quite sure if holograms are the appropriate solution. However he does not feel like discarding it now. My next task should be to explore myself how the project develops. Crucial, for this will be to explore by making.
Building up the content was the first right step in this direction. Now, it shouldn’t be the time to   detailed refine the symbol buttons or to refine the content to the least little bit. Now would be the time to find VISUALS that would excite a client (if it would be a client based brief).

Time Managment:
Me: I’m a little worried about time management. I feel like I’m being a little behind and hope I can do a proper MA standard design within that time.
Andrew: If he would, again, imagine this would be a live brief for a real client, he would love to have 2 months time for all of this. 2 months is a lot of time. He would actually love to have that much time for a client based project.

Me: I’m also worried about imagining the outcome. I never did a successful app so far and actually don’t quite know how to make it.
Andrew: This shouldn’t be my concern at this stage. Thinking about how to present it is not relevant now. Rather focus on the stage I am in at the moment and do work step by step. Sometimes it’s even beneficial to not be trained and to good in anything. It allows a unique approach. If I would do an app in real live on a client oriented basis, there would be an app developing expert who would do that part for me.

For the next session, I could bring 5 possible ideas on how to best present it. There could be different names and different concepts which could all vary from the thing I presented today.