All different kinds of cookbooks can be found in “The Cookbook Book” by Annahita Kamali and Florian Böhm.


They sectioned the broad range of cookbooks in four categories:

  1. Enduring Classics


  2. Nonconformists (unconventional and personal expressional)
    Untitled by Hanne Kamali (2014) When Hanne Kamali was still a young schoolgirl she started writing down recipes gleaned from friends and older relatives in a checkered exercise book. The bug never left her, and while living in an international house as a student she learned about food from cultures as far flung as Italy and Taiwan. The collection has now grown into two thick ring binders, one for sweet and one for savory, and her family evaluates each new treat with stars (three stars at top rating) which provides a useful filter system: only the very best make it into the book (cited – not yet rewritten).


  3. Design Mavericks

    DC Super Heroes Super Healthy cookbook by Mark Saltzmann (1981)


  4. World Flavours

    Everyman’s Cookbook, by unknown (1908)


  5. Modern Essentials

    Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver (2010)


Kamali, A. and Böhm, F. (2014) Cookbook Book. London: Phaidon Press Inc.


Visual References:

All pictures: Kamali, A. and Böhm, F. (2014) Cookbook Book. London: Phaidon Press Inc.