Anna Del Conte

Anna Del Conte who is originally from Italy, is a chef and author.

Already  70 years ago,  Anna introduced Italian cooking to a broader English audience when she moved to UK. Her exciting life as a child in war times she writes down her life story of looking for shelter in ditches when there had been an airstrike and also about her time in jail twice. However, “Risotto with Nettles – A memoire with food” is not a usual biography – she tells her memories by means of food. While through her adventurous  life story  there are recipes, foods and tastes that remind her on those special moments.
She even gives a very personal and detailed insight into her family story. Every few pages you find  a recipe that is incorporated in the stories she tells as well as personal photos of her time in Italy, UK, and particularly her family.

Those features make Anna Del Conte to a perfect reference for my project.


“I ate well every day of my life until I came to England”
(Telegraph, 2016)



Fig. 1



Telegraph (2016) I ate well every day of my life until I came to England. Available at: (Accessed: 2 May 2016)


Fig. 1: Huber, M. (2016) Book Store Observation [Photograph]