List of key contacts I got in touch with. Hopefully I will receive some helpful responses.



  • Heston Blumenthal (Chef)
    only could find out about his management; there is no personal email address available
  • Von Diaz (chef)
    there is no personal email address available, so I contacted her informally via Instagram
  • Bompass + Parr (food artists)
    one of the only food artists I could find with a non-commercial but artsy approach, lots of science involved


  • Adrian David Cheok (Director of Imagineering Institute, Malaysia and Professor at City University London dealing with digitalized senses)
  • Sissel Tolaas (Designer, Smell Expert, scientist)
    only found the contact of a design lab she cooperates with; there is no personal email address available
  • Charles Spence (Professor at Oxford University)
    specifically interested in taste perceptions and gastrophysics



  • Iona Inglesby (founder of dotone company)
    Family binding design outcomes to strengthen family bonds
  • Camilla Catrambone (photographer)
    “Family Portrait” – photography series with food to depict her family
  • Anna Del Conte (Chef and Author of “Risotto with Nettles – A memoire with food” that guide through her life and family bye specifically linking to her Italian roots and Italian food) there is absolutely no contact data, management, or website available – so I failed to contact her