While doing all this research, I was wondering, if in the future there will be something like spotify for food?
When being in the internet, cookies detect what you like and build a online profile for you to display the advertising banners matching to your preferences. When looking through online shops, there are suggested pieces that you will eventually like – this also results of being pigeonholed as a customer. Online Dating services use “Matching Algorithms” (Peter Giesecke, 2014)  that help to find partners. Algorithm structure: A likes B, therefore A also likes C, because D likes B and C. The music provider spotify suggests whole playlists to you that you would possibly like by recognizing and remembering your preferred interprets and songs.

Wouldn’t it be obvious to introduce the same system to online recipe databases  or delivery services? So the online interface allows you to make a profile and knows about your food preferences. As I analyzed in the recent post “Cravings Exhibition” each person’s food profile is as unique as one’s fingerprint. An online recipe database or delivery service that identifies your food profile and suggests food to you would be appropriate would keep pace with the time.


Surprisingly, it seems that this is not existing yet (or at least I did not find it when I researched for that). If it is really not there yet – it will probably come soon.






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