This is another thing that I remember from a movie that I have seen ages ago. The Ultimate Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy felt really boring to me when I have seen it with my High-School class in 2004. The only detail that I clearly remember up to now as it was so impressive to me was the scene where a future kitchen is introduced.

Especially interesting was the Cravings machine that scans your face and automatically knows what you are aiming for and immediately prepares it for you.


Please find the video below. At 0:47 the Cravings machine is being showed.

Fig. 1


The longer I think about it – the more I think that our future kitchens will look like this for real. Just as time witness Colin Lighten points out, contrary to former times, we now can choose our food. People tend to become more picky as people – even within families – choose their meals and the time they eat instead of having one dish at the same time with all family members (British Library, 2016).
This is why I suppose, that this will become even more and people might want to have what they are craving for each time they eat. To visualize how I imagine our future kitchen to look like I scribbled a future kitchen machine:



Food Machine Scribble

Fig.2: Similar to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy kitchen, I imagine that there will be some digital device that recognizes what you are craving for. As the preparing machine is connected to a fridge/storage it can automatically pick the ingredients and instantly prepare the food for you. Then you will just have to pick the ready meal and enjoy. Inventors and engineers will work on preparing food most quickly and most tastily. To avoid that people will have to go shopping on their own, the boxes of the fridge will send a signal (maybe via an app) when any of the boxes (let’s say the one with milk) gets empty. Delivery services will receive this signal and deliver and refill the boxes. 



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Visual Reference:

Fig.1: Miateshcha (2008) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Kitchen Scene. Available at: (Accessed: 25 April 2016).

Fig. 2: Huber, M. (2016) Future Kitchen [Illustration]