Bestseller author, executive TV producer and global warming activist Laurie David talks in her TedTalk about a private concern – the family dinner.

The Talk is interesting and it is very interesting and entertaining to hear her talking. Therefore, I would highly recommend those 10 minutes and listen through the talk as there is so many incredibly informative facts and content in there:


Facts about a family dinner

  • an average meal today lasts less than 20 min.
  • more than 50% of our ready meals are purchased outside the house
  • fast food makes up 33% of what we are eating
  • contrary to the times 100 years ago, there are masses of people who consume meat three times a day that consists antibiotics and hormons
  • people tend to eat fast, unhealthy and alone
  • way more expensive than self cooked meals


Social Benefits of a family dinner

  • studies showed that everything that parents are bothered by can be made better by a family dinner
  • a two-decades ongoing study showed that merit students had at least three times a week a shared family meal (without exception)
  • it is the best way to share values
  • it passes on family history
  • an authentic place to discuss different point of views
  • it improves and builds a vocabulary
  • manners are developed
  • strengthens the bond within families
  • etc.


Health Benefis of a family dinner

  • less obesity
  • less diabetes
  • fewer overall health problems
  • emotionally fulfilling


Laurie David also states that she enjoyed family dinner with her children and husband. When she got divorced, this time was crucial to help to come together over this difficult time. Up to now, even her ex-husband joins the family dinner time on a regular basis.
This makes her think of family dinner as a valuable and important time for all kind of family structures.


“Dinner rituals have nothing to do with class, working women’s busy lives or any particular family structure … it is the art of human companionship.”



(Text is not yet rewritten and taken from the Tedx Talk)



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Tedx Talks (2011) Dinner makes a difference: Laurie David at TEDxManhattan. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzB0BDstCI0 (Accessed: 28 April 2016).