Journalist and historial Von Diaz who lives in NY gives an insight in her family history via an emotional and enthusiastic TED talk.


Key points of her talk:

As an immigrant, Von Diaz often struggled to identify where she actually belonged to. Her grandmother’s food helped her to feel stable and to identify herself.
After her grandmother suffered from Alzheimer, the roles shifted and Von Diaz became the cook. This seemed to be the most efficient thing to do for her grandmother in order to give her something heart warming, something she can remember via taste and sth. that does her good.

Diaz also mentiones the cookbook her granny used to use and recooked every single recipe out of curiosity, to make her cooking skills live on, to honor her and “to soak up every bit of taste memory she had” (Tedx Talks, 2015).

Even if Diaz works on full-time basis, she loves to cook that food that reminds her on her granny and on where she actually comes form. She also mentions, that it all started for her by being curious about one single dish.


Quotes from the Talk:

“… to build a deeper understanding of how what you eat is so much more than just what you like – what we eat says so much about where we are from and even more about who we want to be”

“Today I am working on a cookbook with recipes … in part to honor her in each of it’s pages but also to share this incredible gift she gave me to connect to my history and culture through cooking.”


Fig. 1



A very similar talk is from Carino Cortez where she describes food as the main linking device between her an her family. Furthermore, she mentiones that sweet moment of a certain taste that takes you back to a certain event or moment.


Fig. 2





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