To find out about the offer of cookbooks and to also find more books than I could find at Uni library, I documented my visit to a bookstore.
From the first moment of stepping in the store it became obvious how massively popular cookbooks are. The first corridor each visitor necessarily has to pass to come to all the other sections is stocked with tables that invite you to browse through some special picked books (Fig. 1-2). In this entrance corridor there were eight tables – five of them contained cookbooks, recipe books, diet books and all kind of books that were anyhow related to food (Fig. 5). Additionally, there was a glass box exhibiting smaller and thinner recipe books (Fig. 3). The main corridor was bounded by huge book shelfs which, again, contained masses of diet recipes and weight loss books categorized in “Diet A-Z by Author” and “Diet by Nutrition” (Fig.4).



Main Corridor:

Fig. 1-4


book shop

Fig. 5



Side Corridor:

Intentionally, I turned to the first left corridor after spending some time in the main area. This whole section, too, was well-stocked with hundreds of cookbooks (Fig. 6-7). Those two book shelfs facing each other were arranged according to “Cuisine by Country” (Fig. 6) and “Food A-Z by subject” (Fig. 7).

Fig. 6-7








Cuisine by Country:

Fig. 8-15



Celebrities and Famous People: 


Fig. 16-21



Target and Age Groups: 

Fig. 22-24


Healthy Food / Nutrition:

Fig. 25-35


Vegetarian / Vegan: 

Fig. 36-39



Fig. 40-51


Gluten Free: 

Fig. 52-53


Unconventional Food Books: 

Fig. 54-59


Cookbooks by Brands and Companies: 

Fig. 60-62


Cookbooks by subject: 

Fig. 63-66


Cooking instructions / Dining / Etiquette

Fig. 67-71



Visual References:

Fig. 1-71: Fig. 2: Huber, M. (2016) Book Store Observation [Photograph]