My Visit at Natural History Museum

I hoped to find some interesting facts about food, eating behaviors, families or family rituals and the history and development of those in the Natural History Museum.

Unfortunately, the visit was not helpful for my project at all.
The only related topic I found was the use of materials for cooking equipment. While in former times stone and clay was used for producing them, metals became more and more used later on. Especially pots and pans are mainly produced out of iron and steel (Earth’s Treasury, 2016).
This reminded me on the spoon experiment of Dara O’Briain in my recent post about the visit of the Cravings exhibition at the Science Museum.

Fig. 1-4



Earth Treasury (2016) [Exhibition]. Natural History Museum London. n.a.
Visual References:

Fig. 1-4: Huber, M. (2016) Research Master Project [Photograph].