Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves create food maps that depict the stereotypical food consumed in several countries. In order to this, tomatoes are representatives for Italy, kiwis for New Zealand and plantains for Africa. So food is the logical link to associate with a certain country. In addition, the shapes of country borders support this.


From an aesthetical point of view, the final outcomes do not look appetizing or appealing to me. Also the idea seems quite vague to me: reducing Italy to just tomatoes while they have pizza, pasta, olives, wine and of course gelato does not feel right.
Furthermore, I thought the plantains would rather be representative for South America rather than Africa. This makes the whole idea uncatchy to me.

However, food around the world also in relation to design feels interesting for my topic and even if this artwork does not feel brilliant, it is still worth knowing to me that it exists.

Fig. 1 – 3


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Fig. 4-6


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