IK Prize 2015: Tate Sensorium



Unfortunately, this exhibition already took place in 2015. According to the online material I found about it, the art displays all dealt with the topic of incorporating all senses when viewing them.

This should strengthen and intensify experiencing artworks, contrarily to just seeing them. So far, exhibitions tend to focus on the eye instead of involving other senses (Tate, 2016).

The website features four painting that have been showcased there. As a matter of fact, mainly adjusted sounds and smells were in use to support the visual experience.

IFF International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. and taste expert Paul A. Young (chocolatier) were involved in the development stage of the art show.

To a certain extent I might be able to judge about the exhibition without having attended it, by simply watching the trailer and reading about the event. Similar to 4D cinemas, it feels like a quite overzealous attempt to incorporate all senses as a painting does naturally not involve taste or sound.

This is the difference to food that naturally and authentically involves all senses.


Video Trailer on:




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